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Why Is Fleet Maintenance so Important?

No fleet or block haulage company can survive without making sure each vehicle remains in working condition. This is especially true for a brick haulage company that has a great reputation to live up to. Serving Basildon and the UK as a whole, our road haulage team ensures the entire fleet runs at peak efficiency. In turn, this guarantees the safety of our staff as well as the security of your materials.

As a well-established block haulage company, known for assisting construction firms in the Basildon region, we know how to care for our fleet. Each vehicle undergoes regular servicing and maintenance, with full MOTs for a safe journey ahead.

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Fleet Maintenance in Brief

In short, maintenance keeps all vehicles in good condition so they can survive both short and long-haul journeys alike. The first type of maintenance is preventative. Our brick haulage company will service each HGV regularly to keep potential issues at a minimum. This prevents burst tyres, braking problems and a lack of fuel in remote areas.

The second is immediate maintenance, which involves responding to an issue before the truck can get back on the road. By treating each vehicle with the utmost respect, our road haulage firm cuts down on emergencies that can happen on the Basildon roads.

What Can Happen Without Maintenance?

Any reliable block haulage company knows the value of regular maintenance. A lack of care can cause problems in the journey and lead to unwanted delays. Issues may include punctured tyres, non-functioning lights, spongy brakes and even a breakdown.

Our brick haulage company avoids these pitfalls for the safety of all concerned. This makes us a favourite for road haulage services in Basildon and the nearby regions.

The Steps We Take

All vehicles are subject to MOTs, as well as regular servicing to keep everyday wear and tear at a minimum. We test the brakes, warning lights, wiper systems, as well as the mirrors and windscreens for chips or cracks. Our road haulage team also looks at tyre pressure, checks for fluid leaks and inspects for damage to the exterior lights. If a member of our brick haulage company sees a problem, a professional will tend to the vehicle before it returns to service in the Basildon area.

The Further Benefits

Avoiding maintenance will only cost a block haulage company money in the longer term, and may even cause a loss in clientele. Keeping road haulage vehicles in top form extends their lifespan, reduces insurance premiums and ensures full compliance with UK laws. In this way, our brick haulage company not only saves money but also carries out a safe haulage service in Basildon and across the UK.

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