Affordable, Reliable Block & Brick Haulage Service

for Berkshire

Searching for a road haulage provider covering Berkshire and the wider UK? Steward Transport would like to throw its hat in the ring. On this page, we’ve explained just a few reasons we believe we’re the best block haulage company in the area and deserve your business. If you’re convinced by the below, or you’d like more information on our brick haulage services, don’t hesitate to call our friendly team on 01892 835 067.

5 Reasons to Choose Steward Transport Over Berkshire Competitors

1. Heaps of Experience – There aren’t many block haulage providers operating around Berkshire who have nearly half a century’s experience. We were founded all the way back in 1968, over which time our client based has expanded exponentially. A lot has changed over the years, but we’ve always kept abreast of advancements and changes within the road haulage sector. The secret to our longevity? A fantastic service at affordable prices, and a genuine commitment to customer service.

2. Ample Storage Space – Our storage site, located not from Berkshire in Kent, spans over 5 acres. This means that as well as being taken on as your brick haulage providers, we can store materials on your behalf, for any length of time you require. This ensures they’re always close-by should you require them (our road haulage specialists can deliver them to you or you can pick them up), they’re kept safe and don’t take up space on your own site.

3. Highly Reliable Team – Steward Transport takes a pro-active approach to training and development, investing a lot in its team. It’s important for us that they provide haulage in the correct manner, delivering goods within a precise window of time. We have no time for tardiness. Likewise, it’s important that we can rely upon our team to treat materials with care and respect so they aren’t damaged or broken, and not put themselves or our clients at risk during the loading/unloading phase. We trust them and our returning Berkshire clients do too, having seen first-hand their professionalism and capability.

4. Fleet of Modern Vehicles – As well as investing in our team, we’ve invested a substantial sum in our fleet. This is something which any block haulage company that wants to compete nationally has to do. We’ve brought in 6 wheel rigid, 8 wheel rigid, draw-bar and even Moffett vehicles. Each has a certain type of road haulage job that it excels at. By having such a versatile fleet, which we take great care to maintain to the highest standards, we ensure we can deal with every single Berkshire client’s needs, whatever they may be. From the transportation of 28 tonnes of brick with a draw-bar vehicle, to 16 with our 6 wheel rigid vehicle and everything in between. All our vehicles have rear mounted cranes to help with the unloading/loading process.

5. Huge Area of Coverage – We don’t just cover Berkshire and surrounding areas; we travel all throughout Europe and even take on worldwide brick haulage upon request. There’s not many a block haulage company that offers such a wide area of coverage, making us an ideal choice for long-haul transportation. However, just because we have the scale to travel overseas, doesn’t mean we don’t take on small local jobs. Our team is equally happy to travel from Berkshire to Sussex, as it is from London to Paris.

Convinced we’re the brick haulage provider for you? Call us on 01892 835 067. Our team doesn’t just serve Berkshire, but the entire UK.


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