Brick and Block Haulage Company in Birmingham
Qualities of HGV Drivers

When outsourcing road haulage services, customers need to know they are getting high-quality, reliable solutions. At Steward Transport, we work closely with clients in Birmingham to provide honest and cost-effective solutions which ensure we meet your requirements. Part of this means ensuring our drivers are qualified and highly skilled in their role. As an experienced block haulage company, we know the qualities to look for in a good HGV driver. An integral part of the business, we never overlook the important role drivers play in making sure our brick haulage company maintains efficient services.

We are proud to have some of the best individuals working for us across the UK. To continue providing expert solutions, we make sure Steward Transport drivers possess the following qualities:

Planning Ability – Planning ahead and predicting potential issues is an important part of being an HGV driver in Birmingham and throughout the UK. Effective route planning ensures materials arrive on time, avoiding stress, delays and unsuitable roads. It is also key to making sure drivers have sufficient time to meet legal rest requirements without the risk of running late.

– As a specialist brick haulage company which has been operating for many years, we expect our drivers to uphold our high standards. Dedication to the job ensures work remains safe and compliant, while delivering the best possible service.

– In order to provide consistent standards of quality, safety and efficiency, road haulage drivers must maintain a steady level of service. This means delivering materials in good condition and on schedule, continuing to follow protocol even when under pressure.

– With thorough experience as a block haulage company, we understand that the industry can be unpredictable at times. Inevitably, there are going to be occasional accidents, disruptions or other issues which prevent drivers reaching their destinations. In these instances, it is important to maintain effective communication with customers and the company.

– At Steward Transport, we expect road haulage drivers in Birmingham to have sufficient experience in the industry, as well as all relevant qualifications and training. This ensures efficient problem solving, safe vehicle operation and expert knowledge of the services they need to provide working for a brick haulage company.

Understanding the invaluable role of drivers in our business, we ensure they receive fair treatment and safe working conditions. Every member of our block haulage company is carefully picked to make sure we continue to deliver the highest standards of service.

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