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Tachograph Rules for HGV Drivers

To help ensure roads are safe, there are rules in place within the UK, and across the EU, which limit commercial driver hours. Even with these regulations in place, a significant proportion of accidents are the result of driver fatigue. As a professional block haulage company, it is vital for us to make sure drivers in Brighton and the surrounding areas are complying with the law. This not only keeps them safe, but also ensures the safety of other road users.

Because Steward Transport is a brick haulage company dedicated to fulfilling the needs of every customer and employee, we continuously work to maintain the highest levels of health and safety. If driving within the EU, including the UK, road haulage operators must use a tachograph to record driver hours and rest breaks, if the vehicle is above 3.5 tonnes. Some key points to consider are:

As an experienced block haulage company, we have extensive knowledge of tachograph regulations and always remain on-top of any changes to these rules. Upholding our commitment to safe and efficient services, we ensure drivers in Brighton and the surrounding areas fully complies with regulations.

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Benefits of Tachographs for the Road Haulage Industry

Limits on driver hours are in place for the benefit of all road users. As well as improving the safety of our roads, tachographs allow road haulage companies, such as Steward Transport, to manage and improve driver behaviour.

By analysing data from tachographs, we can develop more economical approaches for our block haulage company, resulting in lower fuel costs and a reduced environmental impact.

Downloading data from vehicles operating in Brighton and across the UK every 24 hours ensures information, such as the speed of travel, is not lost. This can prove crucial information in the event of an accident.

How will Brexit Affect Tachograph Regulations?

Although rules concerning driver hours are currently governed by the EU, in the event of a no-deal Brexit, these regulations, including tachograph rules, will be kept as UK law.

This means it is very unlikely there will be any changes to the requirements we must meet as a brick haulage company.

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