Brick Haulage in Bristol

Technological Advancements in the Industry

Due to the size and weight of road haulage vehicles, the consequences if something goes wrong can be severe. For this reason, it is important to maintain high levels of safety at all times. As an experienced brick haulage company, we ensure drivers in Bristol and throughout the country follow stringent protocol, as well as making sure every vehicle is professionally serviced and maintained.

Within the industry, advancements are continuously being made to improve the safety of haulage services. Integrating life-saving technology into vehicles has been assisting drivers for a number of years and, as a block haulage company always aiming to deliver the most innovative solutions, we stay on-top of technological improvements.

Modern HGV safety technology includes:

Video-Based Safety Monitoring Systems – Cameras, sensors and other recording devices monitor drivers’ behaviour in a similar way to CCTV surveillance. These systems detect careless driving, such as speeding, with this information being sent to the road haulage company.

Lane Departure Warning Systems – These use cameras and sensors to monitor the position of lorries on roads in Bristol and throughout the country. Designed to keep vehicles in lane, they warn brick haulage company drivers if they begin to veer off course.

Automatic Brakes – Sensors alert drivers of impending collisions to help prevent accidents. Whichever side of the vehicle the hazard is occurring, the sensors provide an obvious warning. If the system does not detect a response from the driver, it automatically applies the brakes.

GPS Monitoring – Similar to a video-based safety monitoring system, GPS monitoring alerts businesses, such as our block haulage company, of careless driving as well as allowing us to check on drivers at any stage of their journey.

Air Disc Brakes – Air pressure and mechanical systems help reduce the stopping distance of lorries. These offer a back-up solution in the event that something goes wrong, but it is essential that drivers remain alert and responsive throughout journeys.

Self-Driving Lorries – Highly intelligent technology can allow up to three block haulage company HGVs to travel in formation, with the leading vehicle controlling acceleration and braking. A human driver controls steering, preventing careless driving.

As an established brick haulage company, we are always excited to hear about innovations in the industry. New systems, such as those above, are an important factor in improving safety for both HGV drivers and other road users in Bristol, Kent and nationwide.

With on-going advancements, our road haulage services continue to adapt in order to provide the highest standards of efficiency and safety. Dedicated to delivering professional solutions, we are always happy to discuss individual transportation or storage requirements.

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