Brick Haulage Company in Bromley

When Might You Need Our Storage Service?

With a secured yard spanning five acres, our block haulage company keeps building materials safe for as long as you need. Unlike some road haulage firms that offer a similar service, we believe in being as flexible as possible. Based in Paddock Wood, we coordinate the safe transport of bricks, blocks, cladding and more to and from work sites in the Bromley area. You can rely on our brick haulage company to take professional care of your items, and all with robust safety measures in place.

Construction firms deserve the right assistance when it comes to building homes and commercial premises. With so many challenges ahead, it’s only fair to expect your block haulage company to make this process easier. Here at Steward Transport, that’s exactly what we do – whether you’re in Bromley, the nearby regions, or anywhere in the UK.

Below, we look at just a few reasons why you may wish to speak with our brick haulage company for the safe storage of your items.

Excess Stock

There’s no need to have more materials on-site than you realistically need. Our road haulage team will keep your bricks safe until the next project, at which time we can transport them to your new location as safely as possible. Alternatively, you are always welcome to collect your materials from our block haulage company at a time that’s convenient for you.

You Need a Large Space

With so many bricks and other building materials used in the construction industry, even spacious yards may begin to fill up. As a brick haulage company with over 50 years in the business, we understand this. Our yard offers five full acres, so we have more than enough room to keep your products secure. By owning an ample space and working flexibly to your needs, our block haulage company serves as a preferred choice among building firms in Bromley and the UK.

Care for All Materials

Although we specialise as a brick haulage company, our road haulage team is well-versed in the transportation and storage of all building materials. These range from European and Turkish bricks to Indian stone, Belgian cladding systems and imported weather boarding. No matter your project, either in Bromley or further afield, we handle your items with the same, dedicated approach.

A Tailored Service

Some road haulage and storage teams say they cater to your needs, but only store your items for a very short period. Our block haulage company can retain your stock for many years. In fact, many of our clients have used our yard for over a decade. From single-pallet journeys to the mass transport of bricks, we aim to deliver a blend of convenience and care based around your requirements.

If you need a reliable road haulage service in Bromley or the surrounding areas, then look no further than Steward Transport.

For the safe storage of your materials, please call our brick haulage company on 01892 835 067. We assist clients across Bromley, the South East and nationwide.


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