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The Effect of Brexit on Road Haulage

The vote to leave the EU sent shockwaves through the road haulage industry. Brexit divided haulage firms, with pre-vote surveys showing the vast majority of larger providers wanted to remain in the union while smaller providers wanted to leave it. Now the vote is over and done with, our block haulage company in Kent, Buckinghamshire and nationwide has a lot to be on the lookout for.

On this page, we’ve run through a few things that could end up impacting us as a brick haulage company, as well as the wider industry.

Import and Export

When around 44% of all UK exports make their way over to EU nations, there’s rightfully a lot of concern about whether we’ll be able to broker a new and fair trade deal. While our block haulage company makes a lot of journeys throughout Buckinghamshire and the UK, we also regularly head overseas. As such, if trade between EU nations and the UK falls off significantly, the road haulage sector could face significant problems.

One worry is the pre-vote argument for shifting emphasis from trade with Europe, to trade with Canada, America and other non-EU powerhouses. While this is great for certain sectors, a brick haulage company will struggle to carve a niche here. Crossing to Europe is a simple and easy process compared to making a trip to America in a heavy goods vehicle!

Staff Shortages

Many a block haulage company around Buckinghamshire and wider Britain employs drivers who are here thanks to the EU freedom of movement legislation. These rules allow EU citizens to work in the UK, more or less no strings attached. Less free movement may mean loss of existing workforce and lack of quality drivers.

This will result in a need to invest time and money in training and developing UK drivers. However, a lack of interest in road haulage among younger generations is a barrier to increasing the number of qualified, working HGV drivers in the UK.

Cost Factors

There are two impacts that Brexit will probably have upon the operating costs of a British block haulage company, such as Steward Transport. The first is a trade tariff imposed on exporters, which may be passed on to third-party providers. The second is the rising price of fuel. However, fuel costs are more significantly influenced by global oil prices, which Brexit won’t affect.

Any brick haulage company in Buckinghamshire and the UK will have to consider the impact of additional costs on their business model and make allowances or adjustments to their projections accordingly.

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