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Lorries have been used since the early 1900s as a means of transporting goods between different areas. Today, over 80% of goods in Great Britain are transported by road and road haulage companies such as our block haulage company, Steward Transport, play an important role. We are a fully insured block and brick haulage company operating throughout the UK in areas such as Cambridge.

5 Advantages of Using a Brick & Block Haulage Company


Whether your destination is Cambridge, somewhere else in the UK, Europe or further afield, there are many benefits for having goods such as building materials, transported by road haulage specialists. Below, we have listed our top five advantages for using a brick haulage company.


1. Speed


Transporting your contents by using road haulage transportation is faster than alternative methods, like train or boat, as there are currently less restrictions. Materials can also be loaded onto vehicles very quickly. For example, our fleet of vehicles which you can see on our gallery page, have rear mounted cranes to help speed up the unloading and loading process.


2. Security


Using a professional and experienced block haulage company or brick haulage company such as Steward Transport, ensures your goods are safely transported, delivered and stored. Whether we are making a short delivery to Cambridge or long haul to somewhere in Europe, our road haulage personnel will make sure your materials are well packaged and cared for.


3. Cost Effective


Road haulage vehicles have the load capacity to transport large and multiple quantities of cargo quickly, saving you money on using transportation that takes longer or cannot carry as much goods. By investing in our block and brick haulage company, customers in Cambridge and the rest of the UK can also benefit from our highly competitive prices.


4. Accessibility


Another significant advantage for using a brick and block haulage company such as Steward Transport, is accessibility. We have a fleet of vehicles that vary in size, with our smallest 6 wheel rigid vehicle able to access smaller roads and sites in Cambridge and around the UK. We also have Moffett arctic vehicles with a forklift on the back for accessing smaller areas.


5. Support


Finally, road haulage specialists have the experience and expertise to provide you with the best possible solutions for transporting or storing your materials. At our block and brick haulage company, our highly trained team consistently go the extra mile to help our clients. You can trust our personnel to keep your materials well cared for and we are always happy to answer questions or offer advice.


Interested in hiring the services of our block haulage company? Call Steward Transport today on 01892 835 067, for competitively priced block and brick haulage in Cambridge.

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