Road Haulage in Chelmsford

Some of the Issues Drivers Face

Road Haulage is a competitive and challenging industry, with drivers facing a number of issues on a daily basis. As a professional block haulage company, we are committed to ensuring our drivers remain healthy, happy and safe, while continuing to deliver efficient services. Working for a brick haulage company often means long hours behind the wheel, with a variety of factors which can lead to physical and mental problems. At Steward Transport, we are continuously working with drivers in Chelmsford to make sure they are working in the best possible conditions.

Some of the issues they face on a regular basis, which we help them overcome, include:

Driver Fatigue

Long hours on the road lead to lower levels of concentration. Along with the stress of traffic, delays and deadlines, many drivers find they struggle to stay alert throughout the day. This can be considerably dangerous when operating large vehicles, such as those we use as a brick haulage company, so it is important to ensure drivers are taking sufficient rest breaks.

In line with regulations, we make sure our drivers in Chelmsford and across the UK follow appropriate rest schedules.

Meeting Road Haulage Deadlines

While regulations surrounding driver hours are a vital safety measure for both lorry operators and other road users, it can place extra strain on them as they try to meet deadlines. This reduced time on the road, along with traffic, navigation and other potential issues, often increases stress levels.

As an experienced block haulage company, we have the knowledge and skills to minimise delays, consistently delivering materials on time, while ensuring drivers maintain the highest levels of safety.

Difficult Manoeuvres

Large vehicles are much more difficult to manoeuvre, particularly through built-up areas, busy traffic and narrow streets. Navigating our specialist road haulage fleet through such obstacles requires a significant amount of concentration and skill. This is both physically and mentally draining, especially when having to deal with tricky situations multiple times a day.

As well as making sure drivers for our brick haulage company have the necessary skills for complex situations, it is important to carefully plan routes in Chelmsford, and throughout the UK, to avoid unsuitable roads and to minimise potential issues and delays.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

For long-haul drivers, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Limited food options, sleeping in the cab, isolated days and long periods away from home, can all impact on health.

By maintaining open, honest communications throughout our block haulage company, we do as much as possible to help drivers find an ideal balance.

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