Brick Haulage in Dartford

Insights from Our Drivers

Here at Steward Transport, we hold a great amount of pride in our outstanding drivers. While their job doesn’t solely consist of long hours driving the roads of Dartford and the surrounding areas, that does make up a significant amount of their duties. As a leading brick haulage company, we take pride in delivering our clients’ goods on time, and our drivers plays a key role in that. But what is life really like for a road haulage driver? What is it like driving long hours for a block haulage company?

Before our road haulage fleet can even hit the open road, our drivers need to carry out a series of checks. This ensures optimal safety when finally out and about. These checks include ensuring fluids remain topped up, inspecting tyre pressure, checking for external damage and looking to see that no one has hidden in the vehicle overnight.

While not a feature of every day on the job, our drivers sometimes have to load up their vehicle prior to leaving. Every job differs from the last, so while some clients in Dartford unload their goods at the other end, some don’t. Either way, our drivers have the training and experience to load and unload heavy deliveries safely.

This area also covers the safe loading of a vehicle to ensure an even spread of weight. Optimal driving can only take place with a well-balanced load, so our drivers know how best to pack their vehicle.

Life on the Road

In order to perform to the best of their ability, a driver for a brick haulage company needs to remain alert and vigilant at all times. Roads in Dartford and throughout the UK can be dangerous places, so our personnel have to strike the perfect the balance of time management and abiding by the Highway Code.

For a better insight into this process, we have listed some of the points our road haulage drivers wish other road users knew about their work.

1. The Difficulty of Manoeuvring a Lorry – Every block haulage company uses HGVs to deliver their goods in Dartford and the neighbouring areas, but these vehicles remain very difficult to handle. As such, they sometimes have to undertake manoeuvres that block roads and create traffic. As a brick haulage company ourselves, we understand that everyone has time constraints and places to be, but being abusive and aggressive won’t make things move any quicker.

2. HGVs Need a Longer Braking Distance – While a car requires a braking distance of approximately 100ft, a fully loaded road haulage vehicle requires at least triple the distance and space. This explains why Steward Transport drivers slow down as they approach junctions and traffic lights.

3. Regulated Speeds – In our position as a reputable block haulage company, we strictly adhere to the laws surrounding the regulation of HGV speeds. Quite simply, the law restricts how fast an HGV can travel, much more so when compared with other road vehicles. While we understand it can become frustrating getting caught behind a road haulage lorry, this action was taken to protect everyone.

4. Vision Impairments – Due to the size of HGVs, our drivers have a limited field of vision when on the road. In light of this, our drivers pay much more attention to the situation around them compared to drivers of cars and other smaller vehicles. However, as a time-served brick haulage company, we strongly advise other road users and pedestrians to ensure they try and place themselves in a position where our drivers can see them.

5. The Road Belongs to Everyone – In their role as part of a block haulage company, our drivers on the roads of Dartford and beyond are only trying to do their job. We’re not trying to inconvenience anyone, we simply want to deliver materials to keep other businesses moving forward themselves.

To view examples of our fleet on the road, please visit the gallery page.

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