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The Advantages of Moffett Truck Mounted Forklifts

As part of our fleet, we have Moffet truck mounted forklifts which provide an ideal solution for a variety of sites across Dover and the UK. Arriving on the back of our lorries, these versatile vehicles allow drivers to deliver large loads to small sites. As a dedicated block haulage company, we are always striving to deliver efficient, competitive services, and Moffet forklifts enable us to offer the highest standards of work. Proving effective for many road haulage jobs, there are a number of benefits our customers enjoy with access to such innovative machines.

Ensuring every job receives the most suitable solutions, our brick haulage company provides the following benefits with Moffet forklifts:

Save on Labour & Hire Costs

If there is no forklift on site, then construction companies often have to hire one in order to transport materials. This can be stressful and potentially costly, especially when it means having to hire a certified operator.

However, as a specialist block haulage company, we can provide a truck mounted forklift with the delivery of building materials. This is driven by our experienced drivers, meaning there is no need to waste labour for unloading.

This means our road haulage solutions completely remove the delivery and collection costs that you would have to pay when hiring a machine from a separate company.

Even if you have a forklift on site, a Moffet vehicle can still prove incredibly beneficial, allowing you to continue normal work with your machine, whilst having a dedicated forklift for unloading. In this way, our brick haulage company saves on labour, which can make a considerable difference to construction.

Health & Safety

When sites do not have access to a forklift, workers often unload by hand. This can result in strain or injury which impacts on work efficiency.

With a specialist vehicle and trained driver, our block haulage company minimises the risk of accidents, maintaining the health and safety of sites in Dover and the surrounding areas.


Manual unloading is significantly slower than using a Moffett forklift, and having a lorry on site is often an inconvenience. As a professional brick haulage company, we understand the importance of minimising disruption.

We provide expert services to ensure materials are unloaded in a timely and safe manner, allowing sites to continue functioning efficiently.


Due to the size of road haulage vehicles, there is often not enough room for lorries to access sites in Dover and across the country. With a Moffet forklift, we park near your site or property, unloading pallets individually to place them in a convenient location.

The all-wheel-drive, diff locks and large diameter pneumatic tyres of Moffett vehicles means they tackle all kinds of terrain. This allows us to put materials exactly where our customers require, reducing the need to re-position them at a later point.

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