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Brick Haulage Company

Not every block haulage company operating in the Essex area offers the same high standard of service that Steward Transport offers. Whether you’re a builders’ merchant, construction company or individual contractor – you want to know that the tile, block or brick haulage solution you’re spending your hard-earned money on is an effective one.

If you notice any of the below warning signs, we urge you to get in contact with us. It could be that switching your custom to our road haulage specialists saves you time, money and hassle.

4 Reasons to Ditch Your Current Essex Road Haulage Provider


While “time is money”, it’s also so much more. If you’re left waiting for a brick haulage company to show up with your order, you may find your project delayed. For a construction company or contractor, delays can lead to significant reputational damage. It may prove difficult to secure future contracts if word gets out that you can’t meet deadlines. When this isn’t your fault, it can be incredibly frustrating.

Occasional lateness may occur, perhaps due to a bad accident on an Essex motorway, or similar event out of a road haulage company’s control. But regular lateness is unacceptable. If your goods aren’t turning up on time, we urge you to get in contact with us. We can handle all your block haulage needs, getting deliveries where they need to be on time.


This certainly isn’t specific to the Essex road haulage industry, but having a reliable point of contact is exceptionally important in our business. If you need to change the time or place of your delivery, or perhaps cancel it altogether, it’s important to know there will be someone at the end of the phone ready to assist you.

Likewise, it’s important a block haulage company keeps you up to date on any and all developments. For example, if there is a road closure in the Essex area that could affect the time of your delivery, you should know about it right away. An unresponsive or slow-to-respond road haulage company is bad news all round. Expect a higher level of customer service!


Steward Transport is one of the UK’s largest road haulage companies, and certainly the largest near Essex. As such, we have the fleet and team required to take on large brick haulage contracts.

However, not every block haulage company in Essex does. If your business has grown or is currently growing, consider whether your current contractor will be able to capably handle the increased volume of business. Otherwise, you may find that they inhibit your growth and you need to find one that won’t hold you back.


Think you might be paying too much for brick haulage services? There are plenty of companies around Essex that take advantage of their clients in order to make a prettier profit.

If you suspect you’re not getting a good deal, give Steward Transport a call.

Our prices are highly competitive and we may be able to beat what you’re currently paying for block haulage.

If it’s time for you to consider changing your block haulage provider, call Steward Transport today. We’ve been serving the Essex area for over 40 years.


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