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Road haulage can be an industry fraught with danger when an inexperienced or “cowboy” block haulage company cuts corners or ignores basic health and safety measures. We urge any homeowner or company to choose their brick haulage firm carefully, as if you choose an accident-prone provider, there’s a high-likelihood you’ll be inconvenienced in some way or another. For example, they might damage the goods you’re paying them to transport.

Below, we’ve run through some of the guidelines that HSE (Health & Safety Executive) issues every block haulage company from Hampshire to the far reaches of Scotland. With nearly 50 years’ experience within the road haulage sector, we’ve made a habit of following them closely, and this approach is reflected in our immaculate track record.

Identifying Hazards

Each and every block haulage company in Hampshire and further afield throughout the UK needs to be aware of the most common causes of injury and fatality in the road haulage sector. The vast majority of injuries can be placed within the four following categories:

• Slips and trips
• Struck by falling/moving objects
• Falls from under 2m
• Manual handling accidents

The majority of accidents occur during the loading/unloading stages of brick haulage, so it’s essential that all staff are especially careful during these phases, going about their work in a careful and methodical manner. We regularly launch risk assessments to see how we can improve health and safety within our Hampshire operations, and have found that by keeping a clean and organised site around our road haulage vehicles during loading, and by investing heavily in ongoing staff development, we’ve effectively minimised the risk of the accidents listed above occurring while carrying out work around Hampshire.

HSE’s Block Haulage Safety Checklist

Elaborating on the above, HSE made an extensive, in-depth health and safety checklist for road haulage companies to consult. As a seasoned veteran within Hampshire’s road haulage industry, we’re well acquainted with it, and have used it to ensure we’re “watertight” when it comes to health and safety. The full list features 30 long form questions covering workplace transport risks, risk of falling and manual handing risks.

Below, we’ve listed just a handful of points that can be taken from said questions, to demonstrate the importance of choosing a reputable and above-board company as your brick haulage provider, like Steward Transport (we cover Hampshire and all of the wider UK).

• Mechanical aids and full and proper training should be provided to assist all road haulage staff with manual handing tasks.
• A system should be put in place to check whether a load has shifted in transit.
• Vehicle transporters should be fitted with guardrails on the upper deck.
• Safe access solutions should be provided where ever possible (to safely deal with high-level storage, for example).
• Steps should be fitted for access to a vehicle’s bed, so staff don’t need to jump or climb up and down.
• All yard and loading areas should be well lit and kept clean/tidy.
• Outside loading during periods of inclement weather should be avoided.
• Reversing should be minimised and additional mirrors or CCTV systems should be employed when required.
• All drivers should be experienced and tested for competence.

As mentioned before, these are just a few points that it’s important for block haulage specialists to take into account. For more information about how we ensure we provide a safe and risk-free service to our Hampshire clients, give us a call.

You can reach Steward Transport, the Hampshire area’s veteran road haulage provider, on 01892 835 067.


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