Block and Brick Haulage

in Kent, Essex and Locations Nationwide

Based in the Paddock Wood area of Kent, Steward Transport is an established road haulage company. Our company also has storage solutions available for construction companies, tradesmen and individuals in London, Essex, Surrey and all locations across the UK. We are primarily block haulage and brick haulage specialists, but we also transport a full range of building materials for our valued customer and client base.

This page provides basic information about road haulage services.


We transport bricks, blocks and building materials to any location in the UK or Europe and will even travel worldwide if required. We look after your materials and man our fleet with experienced road haulage professionals. Our track record inspires peace of mind amongst our customers and clients, who use us for block haulage and brick haulage services knowing their goods will arrive in the right place, at the right time, in undamaged condition.

We’re as comfortable transporting a consignment of 10,000 bricks as we are transporting a single pallet of stone. Our block haulage company even offers a daily part-load service that heads out from our base in Kent to locations in London, Essex, Surrey and set collection points across the country.

Steward Transport bring materials requiring storage back to our yard in Paddock Wood.


Spanning a full 5 acres, our site in Kent has ample space for storing building materials in any quantity. We’re happy to store construction materials for any period, from a single day up to 10 years. We will always have your materials available for collection, or through delivery via our nationwide brick haulage and block haulage services – even at short notice.

We have experience in handing all construction materials including:

• UK and European Bricks
• Turkish Bricks
• Asian Tiles
• Indian Stone
• German Aircrete Blocks
• Belgian Cladding Systems
• Imported Weather Boarding

Final Link Service

Our block haulage company has a “Final Link” service available. Arrange to have building materials transported to our base in Kent and we’ll check on arrival to ensure the bricks, blocks, tiles or cladding systems you order arrive in one piece, and that the packaging is intact. We’ll then bring them to site, anywhere in London, Essex, Surrey or the UK.

Our vehicles feature “Hiab” cranes that assist with the unloading process once we reach you. This means you’ll never need to manually offload the vehicle used for the road haulage of blocks, bricks and building materials yourself.

Do you have a question regarding our road haulage services? Call the brick and block haulage specialists for London, Kent, Essex, Surrey and the UK on 01892 835 067.


01892 835067

Durrants Farm,
Maidstone Road,
Paddock Wood,
Kent TN12 6QN