Road and Block Haulage Company in Ipswich
Benefits of Professional Construction Storage

As part of our road haulage services, we offer transportation and storage of a variety of construction materials, including bricks, stone and aircrete blocks. Carefully storing goods for any amount of time, we provide businesses in Ipswich, Kent and the surrounding areas with a number of benefits. As an experienced brick haulage company, we know how to properly handle, transport and store a range of materials, ensuring they remain in excellent condition until you need them.

Our block haulage company vehicles allow for simple and stress-free collection of goods, transporting them to our expansive site in Kent for secure storage. Some of the benefits our customers enjoy include:

On-Site and Yard Space

Some projects require large amounts of building materials, but these can take up a considerable amount of space, especially where site or yard space is limited. To ensure you have plenty of room for efficient and safe work, it is a good idea to store materials until you need them.

With 5 acres of space at our base in Kent, we have plenty of room to store whatever you need.

As a specialist brick haulage company, we deliver your products even on short-notice, meaning businesses in Ipswich have peace of mind that they will be able to access materials as soon as they need them, with no worry about delays.


Because we are a dedicated brick and block haulage company, we have a fleet of vehicles perfectly suited for transporting all kinds of building materials. You can see images of our modern lorries in our gallery.

Providing collection and delivery services, as well as Moffett forklift operation, we save businesses a significant amount of time on transportation logistics.

In addition, our road haulage solutions include a final link service. Arranging for materials to be delivered to our brick haulage company base, we check everything is intact before bringing them to your site in Ipswich, or anywhere in the UK.


We provide one space to store everything you need, as well as carrying out all necessary road haulage and storage services. This means our block haulage company helps you save on costs because there is no need for multiple storage and transport services.

Our storage solutions also mean you have a place to store any excess materials which you can use for future projects. Without somewhere to securely store these goods, businesses often waste money by discarding them.

For specialist block haulage and storage solutions in Ipswich and the surrounding areas, contact Steward Transport on 01892 835 067.


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