The Kent Area’s Local Road Haulage Company Since 1968


Our huge storage yard in Kent is home to all sorts of materials, from aircrete blocks to huge slabs of marble. With over 40 years’ experience handling and transporting construction materials nationwide, we can be trusted to serve as your block haulage specialist – whatever you needed transported, and wherever you need it transported.

Types of Materials We Transport and Store




The most common service we provide is brick haulage and storage. Clients from Kent and all across the UK enlist us for jobs of all sizes, from transporting and storing a single pallet of bricks for one day, to storing tens of thousands of bricks for a full decade. We’re experienced in handling all sorts of bricks, including:


  • Facing Bricks
  • Engineering Bricks
  • Ventilated Bricks
  • Common & Concrete Bricks


Brick haulage is our bread-and-butter, and we’re happy to transport quantities to anywhere in Kent, the UK, Europe or even further afield worldwide.




Another popular service we provide is block haulage and storage. This includes aircrete blocks, which are often manufactured in Germany and shipped over to our yard in Kent. They are a sustainable building material made-up of 80% recycled materials. They’re durable and thermally efficient, making them widely used in the construction of sustainable homes.


If you’re based in or around the Kent area and need aircrete blocks stored for use at a later date, we have plenty of space for them! And as soon as the time comes when you need them, our block haulage service will ensure you receive them on time, undamaged and all accounted for.




It’s important to handle pallets of tiles with extreme care, as some types are very fragile. If you enlist an amateurish block haulage company to store and transport your tiles, you may find that many of them turn up cracked or broken.


Choose Steward Transport instead for full peace of mind. Our road haulage specialists have transported all of the following types of tile between Kent and destinations across the UK, Europe and worldwide:


  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Porcelain Tiles
  • Glass Tiles
  • Mosaic Tiles




But that’s not all we deal with. When you hear “brick haulage company” or “block haulage company”, you might think they’re specialist road haulage firms that only deal with the one material mentioned in their name. But our Kent based block haulage company is versatile, and stores and transports all sorts of materials – including granite, slate, marble and limestone.


Every type of stone has different properties, and as such needs to be looked after in a certain way. While a competing road haulage company operating in Kent might treat all stone as the same, ours won’t. We’ll ensure your stone is well-looked after and transported in an appropriate, safe manner.


Stewart Transport has served as the Kent area’s local road haulage operator since 1968. Call us on 01892 835 067.

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