Brick Haulage Company in Leeds

Should You Choose Block Haulage for Your Career?

Road haulage may look easy on paper, but the reality proves somewhat different. This is because a brick haulage company like Steward Transport will demand great things from its staff. They’ll expect you to undergo regular training, take care from the moment you leave the site, and drive to a high standard to keep their reputation intact. If you plan to work for a block haulage company in Leeds or anywhere in the UK, you need a love for the road and the patience to travel to remote locations nationwide.

Below, we look at reasons to find a job in block or road haulage. Joining a brick haulage company can prove highly rewarding, as long as you’re comfortable with long journeys across Leeds and the surrounding cities, towns, villages and regions.

The Duties and Expectations

Here are just a few of the responsibilities you may be expected to take on:

• The safe transport of bricks and other raw materials
• Perform a regular vehicle inspection before setting out
• Careful driving to guarantee goods reach their destination
• Clever scheduling and planning of delivery routes
• Treating all clients with respect, no matter the challenge
• Have a good understanding of client needs and work sites

Whether you’re in Leeds or the surrounding areas, a road haulage or block haulage company expects you to remain aware on the highway – each day and in all conditions.

Why Should I Work in Block Haulage?

A brick haulage company can offer you a good salary, a range of responsibilities and training to ensure you’re the best at what you do. Some people are born to travel the roads and adore the freedom that comes from independent working. These people often make the best HGV drivers because they spend long periods travelling to remote places and busy city centres such as Leeds and Manchester.

Times change, and jobs often change with them. Thankfully, the construction industry only continues to grow, making a block haulage company a great choice for those who desire long-term stability. The road haulage industry consistently lacks good drivers, and as such, you receive more job security than those working in journalism, bookselling and high-street retail.

How to Work in Road Haulage

A brick haulage company in Leeds or the neighbouring regions will want to know you’re confident on the road, can handle long hours, will keep calm around bad drivers and perform with a strong work ethic. As a bare minimum, you’ll need a valid driver’s licence, have a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) and boast a strong understanding of road safety, loading and unloading.

A trusted block haulage company like Steward Transport will expect you to uphold standards and high levels of customer service. By working in road haulage, you become an ambassador for the brand and must therefore deliver all goods in a timely manner, with a professional approach that minimises risk at all times.

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