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Many construction companies and contractors around London handle their own brick haulage, avoiding using a dedicated block haulage company. They may do this because of the perceived cost of road haulage, or perhaps they just haven’t considered the alternative.

But there are many reasons why outsourcing brick haulage, for example to our company near London, is actually a very cost effective and beneficial idea. Here are a few of our favourites. If after reading this page you’re convinced that road haulage is a wise investment, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01892 835 067.

Why Outsource Brick Haulage in London?


By bringing in our block haulage company to get your goods and materials from A to B, whether A is in London or many miles overseas, you can concentrate your efforts on your core business. Spend more time on your work, more time with customers, more time making sales, more time training and developing your team, more time developing new strategies – spend it however you want!

London is an incredibly competitive business market, and every second you can spend making your business stand out from the crowd is a vital one. As such, investing in block haulage could actually be the shot-in-the-arm needed to get to the next level of growth.


Our road haulage professionals specialise in getting goods to where they need to be on time and in perfect condition. We have the equipment and the expertise required to ensure expensive or brittle materials aren’t damaged in transit, and you don’t have to delay starting a project because your materials haven’t showed up.

We take great pride in delivering a flawless block haulage service, and offer all sorts of options to our London clients, for example long-term storage at our huge storage yard in Kent. Whenever you need your goods, we’ll quickly deliver them to you or have them ready for immediate collection.


For most small construction companies and contractors around London, it would prove far too expensive to invest in a dedicated block haulage vehicle with an attached crane for loading and unloading. By bringing in a block haulage company, you pay a small fee to make use of their specialist equipment and vehicles.

Steward Transport has one of the most advanced and well-maintained fleets in all of London and the South East. All our vehicles are fitted with the latest technology and designed to deliver a flawless block haulage service. If you’ve ever had a bad experience with a London brick haulage company, don’t be put off contacting Steward Transport. We go to great lengths to keep our clients satisfied, and will precisely

Convinced that professional road haulage can benefit your London business? Call Steward Transport today on 01892 835 067.


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