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HSE Regulations for Road Haulage

Here at Steward Transport, we recognise the importance of constant vigilance when it comes to safety. Our personnel hold DCPC training certification and our crane drivers hold ALLMI qualifications too. When coupled with our trade and industry experience stretching back to our establishment as a brick haulage company in 1968, we have the expertise to remain alert to hazards that have the potential to cause accidents. When it comes to road haulage, even regular day-to-day activities represent a safety risk. As such, we have continually ensured that adherence to HSE regulations always underpins out operations as a block haulage company.

As a general guide for our clients in Luton and across the UK, we have outlined below some of the ways in which we tailor our services as a brick haulage company to fully comply with this legislation.

Maintaining Safety During Road Haulage in Luton

1. Minor Injuries

When it comes to small injuries, the most commonly reported incidences involve slips, trips and manual handling issues. In order to reduce these injuries to an absolute minimum, we structure our training to target these areas, ensuring that our personnel remain safe and healthy when on Luton sites.

2. Major Injuries

The majority of major injuries witnessed by any block haulage company can be traced back to four primary causes: slips and trips, manual handling, falls from 2m or less, being struck by falling or moving objects.

In most cases, these injuries occur to drivers during the loading and unloading process, although slips and trips often occur during other types of work too. As with minor injuries above, we minimise these events by using our experience and HSE legislation to structure our training. This keeps our personnel vigilant at all times.

3. Deaths

Given the dangers of the road haulage industry that face every company within it, failure to maintain safety can sometimes result in death. The HSE’s own leaflet “Health and Safety in Road Haulage” states that over the five years before its publication, just shy of 60 people died and a further 5,000 were seriously injured when undertaking work for a brick haulage company.

These figures come out higher when compared with other industries noted for their safety risks, namely agriculture and construction.

When it comes to deaths at work, they almost all exclusively occur as a result of incidents during vehicle maintenance and the process of loading or unloading, including: overturning or collapsing vehicles, falls from vehicles, falling loads, being hit by a moving vehicle.

In order to keep our exemplary safety record as a block haulage company, we focus a significant amount of time on training the following: the correct use of handbrakes, safe positioning of drivers during unloading or loading with forklifts, climbing up onto vehicles and propping up vehicles from our fleet during repair work.

A Safety-Conscious Brick Haulage Company

As a leader in road haulage safety not just in Luton but nationwide, Steward Transport stays ahead of developments throughout the industry to ensure that our operations remain as safe as possible. We continually monitor our own methods, examining them for potential weakness or vulnerability that could potentially lead to an accident.

By identifying potential hazards and managing subsequent levels of risk, we can keep our personnel safe. What’s more, with nominated staff managing certain areas of our own Health & Safety policy, we stay on top of potential situations, thus protecting our reputation as one of the safety companies in the road haulage industry.

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