Block and Brick Haulage in Maidstone
A Company Ensuring Safe and Successful Delivery

Having been working as a specialist block and brick haulage company for many years, we understand the level of responsibility involved in ensuring materials get to you when you need them. Committed to providing efficient and reliable services, we make sure we store, package, load and transport goods securely and safely. When undertaking road haulage in Maidstone, there are a number of factors we take into account to provide the best possible service.

At our block haulage company, we make sure every driver adheres to the following measures:

Secure Loading

All Steward Transport drivers are properly trained in the protocol for secure loading and unloading. Packaging and loading goods in a suitable and effective manner ensures the safety of our road haulage services as well as the protection of your items.

Whether working in Maidstone, elsewhere in the UK or abroad, our brick haulage company follows correct practices. This includes using the right packaging materials and transport machines, such as forklifts, as well as appropriate equipment for keeping materials in place during transportation.

Vehicle Checks

Before starting any journey, it is essential for drivers to thoroughly inspect their vehicles. This includes checking factors such as tyre pressure and oil levels. It is also important to make sure the load is not breaking weight limit laws. Failure to do so can result in considerable safety risks, as well as affecting delivery times.

Safe and Legal Driving Practices

As a block haulage company focused on providing safe and reliable solutions, we make sure every one of our drivers in Maidstone and across the country strictly adheres to laws and guidelines for safe driving.

Maintaining concentration is key to preventing accidents. To stay alert and in control, we make sure drivers don’t use mobile phones during the journey and comply with regulations concerning driver hours and breaks.

There are a variety of rules governing road haulage practices and, as a professional brick haulage company, we have an extensive understanding of all laws.

Time Considerations

Inefficient planning leads to rushing and reduced safety. To maintain the highest levels of health and safety in Maidstone, it is important for drivers to leave plenty of time for loading and securing goods in the correct manner, carrying out proper vehicle checks and planning suitable journey routes.

Drivers for our block haulage company also need sufficient time to allow for traffic, breaks and unexpected delays. Failure to prepare properly for a road haulage journey increases stress and reduces safety levels.

At Steward Transport, we have a trustworthy and highly skilled team which ensures appropriate measure are consistently adhered to.

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