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The Challenges of Working in Road Haulage

For those with a love of the road, road haulage is a productive way to spend the day. That said, working for a block haulage company brings with it numerous challenges to overcome. At Steward Transport, we work with construction firms across Manchester and serve as a preferred brick haulage company due to our ‘can-do’ approach and careful driving methods. We understand the various challenges that come with block haulage and take steps to deliver the most reliable service available for your project needs.

Read on to discover some of the most common issues that an HGV driver might face.

Wet Weather – Road conditions in Manchester are often favourable for a brick haulage company like ours, but heavy rain can still obscure hazards and double stopping distance. Studies also show this distance multiplies by ten with ice and snow. As such, anyone working in the road haulage industry must pay extra care in troublesome weather and perform a range of vehicle and tyre checks before starting the journey.

Fellow Drivers – A reliable block haulage company will look to reduce accidents because any problems could delay the shipment to a busy construction site – causing friction between construction firms and their demanding clients. Just because you drive carefully, however, that doesn’t mean everyone else will. Our drivers pay attention to surrounding drivers and do their best to react to any strange decisions they make at high speed.

Crash-for-Cash Schemes – Not all accidents are genuine. Crash-for-cash is on the rise throughout the UK, including in key cities such as Manchester. This is when a person files a fraudulent claim against the road haulage driver, seeing them as an easy mark. In turn, a brick haulage company can expect to see its insurance premiums rise as firms look to recoup losses due to this dishonest practice.

To help counter these schemes, a block haulage company must strive to protect its drivers. Mobile digital recorders can settle conflicting reports, minimising the costs and stopping crash-for-cash scammers around Manchester in their tracks.

A Lack of Rest Stops – Even the most careful drivers could grow tired at the wheel. Unfortunately, the UK lacks a healthy amount of suitable rest stops, where road haulage drivers can relax for a while to maximise their driving abilities.

Although much of this comes down to infrastructure, a reputable brick haulage company will want to ensure its staff get enough rest before long journeys across Manchester and the surrounding regions.

Choose Steward Transport as Your Block Haulage Company

Given the above challenges, you deserve to know that your raw building materials and other heavy goods are in the safest hands possible. Here at Steward Transport, we understand the problems that a long journey can bring and, as a trusted brick haulage company, prepare accordingly. Our road haulage team takes care at every leg of the trip and behaves with professionalism in all conditions.

In this way, our block haulage company aims to keep your construction project running on schedule, transport special goods all over Manchester, and protect staff from scammers. Please take a look at our fleet to learn more about the vehicles we drive around the UK.

Call 01892 835 067 for professional road haulage service from Manchester’s trusted team. You can rely on our block haulage company to rise to every challenge.


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