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Long-Distance Driving Tips

Drivers are the backbone of our brick haulage company, so it is important to make sure they are working at their best. The dangers associated with HGV operation means it is vital that drivers and the road haulage companies they work for are paying close attention to health and safety measures. Often driving long distances, driver fatigue is a serious problem which causes thousands of injuries and fatalities on UK roads every year.

As an experienced block haulage company, we make sure our drivers in Northampton and the rest of the UK adhere to the strictest protocol when it comes to proper vehicle operation. One of the ways we do this is by ensuring every driver has an expert understanding of long-distance driving tips which significantly improve the safety of every journey. These include:

Inspecting & Preparing the Vehicle

All our drivers are trained to carry out a range of checks before beginning a journey. Along with professional servicing and maintenance, these checks make sure our block haulage company vehicles are in good condition, meeting the highest standards of safety and efficiency. Regular road haulage inspections and preparations include:

Checking Tyres – Making sure tyres do not have any bulges or weaknesses, as well as checking they have legal tread depth, is important in preventing dangerous accidents.

Water, Oil & Screen Wash – Driving without sufficient oil or water can cause considerable issues with the vehicle. If levels are low after having been recently filled, it could indicate a serious problem, so it is vital to check.

It is important to refill screen wash in order to clear the windscreen of anything that may impair vision when driving.

Weather Preparation – As a brick haulage company with experience operating throughout the year, we ensure our drivers in Northampton know how to properly prepare for all weather conditions. This includes checking antifreeze, ensuring relevant equipment is on hand, such as ice scrapers, and inspecting the condition of lights.

Cleaning Mirrors & Windows – To ensure drivers have maximum visibility, driver and passenger-side windows need to be kept clean, along with wing mirrors.

Driver Preparation

As a professional brick haulage company, safety is one of our utmost priorities. To provide the highest levels of safety, Steward Transport drivers are fully trained in best driver practice. We make sure our HGV operators in Northampton and throughout the UK follow appropriate measures, such as:

  • Taking Regular Breaks In-line with Regulations

  • Avoiding Driving When Tired

  • Planning Journeys Ahead of Time

  • Staying Hydrated

Because we have been operating as a block haulage company across the UK and Europe for so many years, we are experts at providing safe and efficient long-haul services. Our customers trust us to deliver consistent results which meet the highest standards, making us a leading name in the road haulage industry.

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