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How Brick Haulage Drivers Can Stay Healthy and Alert on Long Journeys

Sleep is essential to your long-term health, but many of us miss out due to insomnia, discomfort and stress. Road haulage drivers, in particular, must ensure they get enough sleep before taking on long journeys. After all, tiredness can lead to mistakes. This is why Steward Transport, a time-served block haulage company serving Nottingham and the surrounding areas, encourages staff to get eight hours sleep – for improved driving standards throughout the UK.

If you work for a brick haulage company or regularly take on long journeys, follow these simple ways to maximise sleep and keep your body in top form. In turn, you’ll be alert for longer and ready to react to the strange behaviour of other drivers on the Nottingham roads.

A Work / Life Balance – While the road haulage industry may have you working some long hours, it’s vital that you switch off when relaxed at home. Doing so will make you a better asset to the block haulage company you work for and give you a higher level of job satisfaction. To keep your mind sharp, it’s also worth avoiding mobile phone use right before bed.

Stay Active Where Possible – Like many industries, road haulage involves sitting for extended periods. Unfortunately, this can lead to health concerns due to the sedentary lifestyle. Why not go for a walk, jog or run while away from your brick haulage company? This will help to fight lethargy while travelling the Nottingham roads.

Store Bottled Water – Being on the highway can introduce more than just tiredness. You may also dehydrate, especially on hot summer days.

At Steward Transport, we encourage our road haulage team to stay as hydrated as possible and ensure they have the right supplies in case of thirst and hunger while travelling across the Nottingham area.

The Necessary Rest –Anyone who works for a block haulage company needs rest at regular intervals.No road haulage driver should be on the road for over 10 hours a day, and it’s essential to use rest stops where necessary. Although these stops are often few and far between, they can make a real difference to reaction times and the driver’s quality of life.

Our brick haulage company instructs all staff to take at least the minimum of 30 minutes away from the wheel for every eight hours travelling.

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Steward Transport works with construction firms in Nottingham and all surrounding locations. We shift heavy raw materials, including Indian stone, German aircrete blocks and European bricks, among other products around the UK. Our block haulage company also provides a final link service, in which we inspect your blocks or cladding before sending them onwards. Clients in Nottingham and beyond also rely on our brick haulage company to store their items in a secured yard, sometimes for years at a time.

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