Brick Haulage in Oxford

Safe Transport of Goods and Materials

Like all respectable road haulage companies, we take important steps to minimise risks when transporting materials. Following proper procedures ensures goods arrive intact as well as providing the highest levels of safety. As an experienced block haulage company, we assess the most effective solutions for every delivery in Oxford. This includes packaging, equipment and vehicles.

Key risks we address as a brick haulage company include loss and theft, accidents, and damage to goods. Always striving to provide unbeatable standards of customer service, we take all necessary measures to ensure your materials arrive as you except, when you need them. To minimise risks, Steward Transport follows a number of steps:

  • Ensuring we use the most appropriate transport for each job

  • Using suitable and effective equipment to protect large or heavy loads

  • Making sure loads are secure and weight is distributed evenly

  • Having the correct insurance in place

  • Taking suitable security measures

  • Using appropriate packaging, labelling and containers to prevent damage during transit

Every member of our block haulage company is fully trained and qualified, providing the highest standards of service.

Having been operating as a block and brick haulage company for many years, we have strong experience transporting all types of construction materials. This means we understand the importance of well-coordinated and controlled deliveries. Our cost-effective services ensure building sites remain accident-free and compliant with laws.

When transporting goods to your site in Oxford or the surrounding areas, our drivers follow stringent procedures for efficient and safe delivery, such as:

  • Taken care when climbing from the cab

  • Unloading in a designated area or temporary exclusion zone

  • Loading / unloading on level ground

  • Ensuring loads and vehicles are of a suitable height and width for road conditions

  • Positioning loads in a way which does not affect vehicle stability

  • Making sure loads will not fall uncontrollably when removing restraints

As a professional block haulage company, Steward Transport has a fleet of specialist vehicles, including Moffet truck mounted forklifts, ensuring all road haulage services use the most suitable machine. Our forklifts and Hiab cranes make unloading a simple and time-effective process whilst maximising the safety of your site.

Working as a dedicated brick haulage company, we are always happy to discuss individual transport requirements for each customer in Oxford, Kent and the UK, so don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information about our specialist road haulage services.

Call 01892 835 067 for block and brick haulage solutions in Oxford which ensure your materials remain in perfect condition before, during and after transit.


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