Road Haulage in Reading

Staying Safe in the Snow

As a leading UK brick and block haulage company, our drivers operate 6-wheel, 8-wheel, draw-bar and Moffett vehicles on a daily basis. This means they need to know how to safely drive large vehicles in all types of weather and our block and brick haulage company organises regular training for our fleet team, to ensure all drivers are well equipped to handle extreme weather conditions. With the late freeze recently hitting the Reading area and many other parts of the UK, we’re looking at how our road haulage drivers stay safe driving in the snow.

Winter Brick & Block Haulage Company Tips

  • One of the first rules from our block and brick haulage company is to always check the forecast before setting off on a journey and to stay up to date with how conditions are looking on your route. Whether our drivers are operating in Reading or elsewhere in the UK, we always keep communication levels high to make sure everyone is aware of changing weather conditions.

  • If it has been snowing or temperatures are low, make sure you clear any snow and ice off your vehicle before attempting to set off. Not only does it cause poor visibility, but if snow is left sat on top of your vehicle, especially large road haulage vehicles, it is extremely hazardous as it can fall off onto the road and even onto other vehicles whilst on the move.

  • Another top tip from our brick and block haulage company is to avoid sudden braking, steering and accelerating. Around ten times more stopping distance is required when braking on icy roads and has gentle braking as possible, especially for large road haulage vehicles such as the ones seen on our fleet gallery page.

  • When transporting bricks and blocks across Reading and the wider UK in the snow, our brick haulage company drivers take special care when going uphill and downhill. Care must also be taken to stay alert and follow the route closely as traffic signs and road markings can often be covered by snow or ice.

  • Finally, our block haulage company suggests dipping your headlights when driving in snowy conditions in Reading and elsewhere, as main beams can cause light glare for the oncoming traffic. Dipped headlights are designed to reduce glare for oncoming vehicles and are useful when visibility is reduced due to snow.

Regular Vehicle Maintenance

At Steward Transport’s, we make sure our large fleet undergoes regular maintenance and servicing. This is essential to ensure every vehicle performs well over the winter months and in more severe weather conditions such as snow. Our brick haulage company and block haulage company has a team of mechanics for such checks, who also offer servicing, MOTs, maintenance, vehicle engineering and repair services to fellow road haulage professionals and general motorists in Reading and the surrounding areas. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Call our block and brick haulage company on 01892 835 067 to find out more about our road haulage services. We offer a nationwide service and have an expert team in the Reading area.


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