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in Southampton

Steward Transport is a brick haulage company based in Kent. Established in 1968, we are one of the UK’s leading road haulage experts and provide nationwide and worldwide coverage. If you’ve been looking for a brick or block haulage company in the Southampton area, our dedicated team has been working in the area for many years.

On this page, we have provided facts about road haulage and our brick haulage company, to give our customers in areas such as Southampton a better understanding about the type of work we do. If you have any questions about our brick haulage or block haulage services, do not hesitate to contact us.

Facts About Road Haulage

  • The road haulage industry in the UK is huge, with over eighty per cent of goods we consume carried and transported by road by UK-registered lorries

  • If you are working for a brick haulage company, block haulage company or other type of road haulage company then you are part of the 2.54 million people that work in the industry

  • Modern road haulage vehicles are built to comply with key environmental policies to reduce the air and noise pollution. They are manufactured to be much more efficient and quiet

  • Around 98% of food and agricultural goods are moved by road freight in Great Britain and the industry is worth £124 billion

  • Including our own block and brick haulage company drivers, who cover Southampton and the rest of the UK, there are approximately 600,000 goods vehicle driving licence holders

Facts About our Brick & Block Haulage Company

  • Steward Transport was founded in 1968 and is one of the largest block haulage companies in the UK

  • We operate in Southampton, provide nationwide coverage and even travel worldwide upon request from our base in Kent

  • Our brick haulage company employs over 60 team members and has a huge fleet of road haulage vehicles

  • We have a 5-acre site in Kent with plenty of space to store huge quantities of building materials for any amount of time

  • Our brick and block haulage company stores and transports bricks, blocks and similar building materials

  • We provide a “Final Link” service for clients in Southampton and the rest of the UK, where your building materials can be checked and delivered to you

For block or brick haulage in Southampton, call Steward Transport today on 01892 835 067, your nationwide road haulage company.


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