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To remain a leading block haulage company not just in Sussex, but the whole of the UK, it’s important we react to challenges that face our industry. On this page, we’ve run through just a handful of the ways we’ve looked to adapt while continuing to offer the same high standard of brick haulage and more general road haulage.

Overcoming Common Road Haulage Industry Problems

The Cost of Fuel

While fuel prices have been falling globally, prices in the UK have remained far higher than those in other nearby European nations. Obviously, fuel is one of the highest cost factors involved in road haulage. But there are ways we ensure we don’t pay a penny more at the pumps than we have to. Firstly, we keep our brick haulage fleet well serviced and looked after, maximising the MPG (miles per gallon) we get. Not only is fuel efficiency sound financially, it also helps reduce our carbon footprint – which is obviously a big concern for all modern block haulage firms in Sussex and the wider UK.

Secondly, we invest time in optimising the routes are drivers take. By ensuring we don’t get stuck in traffic or take winding, round-a-bout journeys throughout Sussex backroads, we can reduce the amount of fuel we need to get from A to B. Doing this also ensures that we can make our delivery times ultra-competitive, which is obviously a huge factor for anyone considering investing in the services a professional block haulage company like Steward Transport can offer.

High Customer Expectations

Over the years, the road haulage industry has come along leaps and bounds in the quality of service it can offer its customers. We like to think that we’ve played a big part in this, by constantly investing time and money in improving the brick haulage we offer clients in Sussex and all surrounding areas of the UK. But this means we can’t ever drop the ball. Standards are exceptionally high, and it’s important to always meet them, otherwise we could put both our reputation and long-term contracts in jeopardy. And reputation can go from fantastic to awful in a very short period of time, with so many websites and forums floating around online where customers can share their experiences.

To meet the expectations that our clients around Sussex and the UK have of us, we’ve expanded our fleet and invested in training and development, all while running a tight ship with highly accurate delivery windows. We’ve optimised routes, as mentioned above, and moved into a gigantic yard which allows us to store huge quantities of materials that we can deliver at a moment’s notice. Steward Transport is committed to not only meeting expectations, but setting the bar for the road haulage industry, so rest assured we won’t rest on our laurels!

Keeping up With Advances in Technology

There are technological advancements occurring in every industry, and brick haulage is by no means exempt. Steward Transport keeps its fingers on the pulse, tracking innovations that are in developmental stages, while considering how existing technology can be integrated with our Sussex operations to further improve efficiencies and margins.

Exciting technological opportunities include the increasingly ubiquitous “Internet of Things”. This is an all-encompassing term that refers to electronic products that communicate with each other, syncing up and working in parallel. For example, a house alarm system that communicates with a phone app used by a homeowner, so there’s no more need for punching in a key code at a terminal or deactivating an alarm on entry. But how might the Internet of Things effect road haulage, you might ask? Well, it may allow us to have devices all along the supply chain that communicate with each other, tracking when and where pallets are ordered for delivery, and their status in-transit.

This would keep our records automatically/accurately updated and simplify our processes. The insights that we’ll be able to derive from extra data-sets these devices might collect can be employed to make further improvements to the road haulage services we provide Sussex, the UK and Europe. But these are just a few ideas. Who knows what inventions might lie around the corner? All that we have to do is be prepared to adopt them should they be of benefit to us. Steward Transport is committed to being a modern, cutting-edge block haulage company.

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