Brick Haulage in Swindon

A Brief History of the Road Haulage Industry

Road haulage has existed in some form for centuries, dating back in some form to Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids. While a brick haulage company around Swindon typically enjoys a modest history, there’s no forgetting the industry’s storied past. As a block haulage company performing a trusted service nationwide, Steward Transport has been in business for decades and shows no sign of slowing down. We know what it takes to transport bricks, tiles and other construction materials across the country – with safe best practices that far exceed the methods of yesteryear.

In a time before the combustion engine and the world’s first semi-truck, builders in Swindon relied on the railway lines. Steam engines were at the heart of the haulage industry, allowing for building materials to travel long distances.

From Trains to Heavy Goods Vehicles

Although many companies built combustion engines soon after 1879, road haulage only took off in 1904. By the First World War, there were around 25 thousand trucks on US roads, carrying around two tonnes each. From then on, a brick haulage company could enjoy improved road conditions due to the advent of cost-effective tarmac.

A modern block haulage company in Swindon or the surrounding areas will operate in a similar fashion, but with numerous safety regulations to adhere to. Our road haulage team undergoes rigorous training to exceed the minimum requirements and travels all over the country for busy construction firms.

The Roaring 20s and 30s

As demand for supplies increased, so did the need for brick and block haulage. In fact, studies suggest the industry grew by up to 300 per cent in the 1920s.

Changing technology also made road haulage vehicles more capable, which more than tripled the number of homes built across Swindon and the neighbouring regions.

These days, our brick haulage company uses 6-wheel rigid vehicles, draw-bar trucks and moffetts. These vehicles offer a large capacity of up to 28 tonnes maximum, making lighter work of heavy loads.

Post-War Britain

Most manufacturing plants turned their eyes towards military equipment during the Second World War. A block haulage company like ours would probably have followed suit – shifting heavy machines around the country for war-time purposes.

However, the 60s and 70s introduced the ‘the Golden Age’ of road haulage, with over six hundred thousand lorries on the British roads.

The winter of 1978 brought this success crashing down due to nationwide strikes.

In Modern Times

1985 brought with it the need for better road safety and the compulsory installation of tachographs. Recording both speed and distance, these became a requirement for each block haulage company, either in Swindon or the wider UK regions. The 90s introduced wireless technology, enabling better ordering methods and allowing drivers to easily communicate their ETAs.

The modern era has its own set of challenges. Road haulage as an industry continues to thrive but has too few drivers to keep up with the demand. For this reason, joining a brick haulage company may be a wise career move.

Do you need raw materials moved from Swindon to another location nationwide? If so, get in touch with our reliable block haulage company. We will be delighted to provide a flexible service at a fair and honest rate.

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