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New Industry Technology

As with any industry so dependent on machinery, road haulage continues to see new innovations creeping into operations. From high-capacity trucks to cab-based vehicle monitoring equipment to alternative fuels, as a block haulage company we continue to benefit from advances in technology. By striking the right balance between practicality and cost, Steward Transport strives to assimilate technological advances which benefit our drivers, the environment and our clients in Tilbury.

What’s more, as a safety conscious brick haulage company, we also aim to fast-track any advances that improve the safety of our service.

As economies continue to improve after the issues seen at the start of the century, the demand placed on us as a block haulage company has drastically increased in recent years. Fortunately, innovators and industry leaders continue to find ways to assist every brick haulage company in managing these demands safely while maintaining reliable services.

Below, we look at some of the more recent technological advances that can already be seen on the roads of Tilbury and beyond, as well as some that might arrive in the near future.

Integrated and Potential Technology in Road Haulage

Real Time Data

Through the implementation of temperature control systems and vehicle tracking technology, it’s never been easier to track the status of goods being transported by a block haulage company. With this technology, companies can provide their clients in Tilbury with real-time data regarding the condition and location of their goods.

As a brick haulage company, we may not need to keep our materials at an optimum temperature, but we ensure our clients receive the peace of mind that comes with knowing their delivery will be made on time.


As climate concerns continue to grow, the conversation in the road haulage industry has focused on ways to cut carbon emissions.  A particular initiative has begun in Germany, where BMW now operates a 40-tonne truck on a lithium battery and electronic motor. This vehicle can travel approximately 100km on a full battery, with a charge time of 4 hours.

In addition, Adgero SARL and Skeleton Technologies have developed a unique system known as KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) for road haulage vehicles. This system utilises the kinetic energy generated during braking to use as an acceleration boost. This system aims to reduce fuel consumption by as much as 25%.

Road Safety

In a bid to improve safety for road users and the personnel of every block haulage company, Samsung has begun testing a prototype ‘see-through’ truck. The concept revolves around a wireless camera at the front of the truck and a video wall (consisting of four exterior monitors) at the back end.

If implemented on the roads of Tilbury and the wider UK, this would give drivers behind the truck a clear view of what lays in front no matter the weather or time of day. This could play a vital role in reducing unsafe overtaking and accidents resulting from sudden braking, making brick haulage an inherently safer process.

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