Brick and Block Haulage Fleet

Haulage Company Fleet

Welcome to Steward Transport, a leading haulage company providing affordable brick and block transport services throughout Fleet, Surrey.

Boasting over 50 years of experience in brick and block haulage, we offer cost-effective transport solutions for various clients. From bricklayers and tradespeople to construction companies and property developers, we’re proud to help our customers with their haulage needs.

A FORST accredited gold company, Steward Transport offers first-class brick and block haulage and building material storage services throughout Fleet.

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Brick and Block Haluage Fleet

Experts in brick and block haulage, Steward Transport delivers building materials to locations throughout Fleet, Surrey. We transport bricks, blocks, and building materials of varying volumes anywhere in Fleet, guaranteeing on-time delivery for each client.

Our brick and block transport service is suitable for orders of any size, from single pallets to fully loaded lorries. We have a modern fleet of haulage vehicles suitable for all project needs, including individual lorries with 28-tonne capacities.

HBIS cranes allow us to safely load and unload our vehicles in no time, saving you the hassle of manually removing tonnes of materials yourself.

All drivers are DCPD certified and have Safe Urban Driving training, while our crane operators are ALLMI qualified. This ensures the highest levels of safety and the ability to effortlessly transport brick and block materials anywhere in Fleet.

Building Material Storage Fleet

Steward Transport offers affordable building material storage services for clients throughout Fleet and surrounding areas. Based in Paddock Wood, Kent, our building material storage facility spans five acres, providing ample storage space for our clients.

We bring materials that need storage from anywhere in Fleet to our site in Kent, providing safe and secure storage for as long as needed. Whether it’s five years or five days, our building material storage service holds your supplies for the required period.

We also keep your materials on hand for short-notice collection, with our building material storage facility just a short drive from Fleet. If needed, we can also deliver your materials to Fleet or anywhere in the UK, using haulage services.

Our team have experience handling all types of construction materials, including:

  • UK and European Bricks
  • Belgian Cladding System
  • Turkish Bricks
  • Indian Stone
  • German Aircrete Bricks

Final Link Service

Steward Transport also provides a final link service as part of our brick and block transport solutions in Fleet. Simply arrange to have your building materials delivered to our site at Kent, where we will inspect them to ensure they are in acceptable condition.

We inspect all your materials to make sure the bricks, blocks, tiles, and cladding systems remain undamaged with packing intact. After passing our inspection check, we deliver them to your location anywhere in Fleet or the wider UK.