Haulage Services

Brick and Block Haulage Company

Steward Transport is a leading haulage company with over 50 years of industry experience.

Equipped with a fleet of modern haulage vehicles, our accredited and qualified team provides cost-effective brick and block haulage services. We offer bespoke brick and block haulage solutions for various clients, including construction companies, property developers, and tradespeople.

Our brick and block transport services are available throughout London, Kent, Sussex, and Essex, while we also offer nationwide haulage.

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Bespoke Brick and Block Haulage Services

Steward Transport offers bespoke brick and haulage services for clients throughout the UK. Our flexible brick and block transport services handle loads of varying capacities, from single pallets of blocks to thousands of bricks.

We have a diverse fleet of modern haulage vehicles with massive capacities, allowing us to transport 16-28 tonnes of bricks, blocks, and building materials. They’re also incredibly versatile, allowing us to deliver goods to sites of all scopes and sizes.

Each haulage vehicle also includes HIAB loader cranes, allowing our qualified drivers to unload your materials quickly and safely. As a result, you never need to offload your building materials manually.

All drivers are fully insured, DCPD trained, and ALLMI qualified, giving you peace of mind that your materials are safe.

We pride ourselves in providing fast and affordable brick and block transport, delivering millions of building materials each month. When you hire our brick and block haulage services, rest assured that your goods arrive at the right location, on time and undamaged.

Local, Regional, and Nationwide Brick and Block Haulage Solutions

Steward Transport is an established haulage company offering affordable brick and block transport services throughout the UK.

Based in Paddock Wood, Kent, we provide tailormade brick and block haulage services for clients throughout the region, including London, Essex, Hampshire, and Surrey. Additionally, we offer brick and block transport solutions for clients throughout mainland UK, including Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, and more.

So, whether you’re a sole trader or construction company seeking reliable block and brick haulage solutions, Steward Transport has you covered.

Final Link Service

Beyond our brick and block haulage solutions, we also provide a final link service. Our final link service is a great way to ensure the safe arrival of goods from suppliers throughout the UK.

Arrange to have your goods delivered to our base in Kent, where we will inspect their condition upon arrival. We closely check bricks, blocks, tiles, cladding, and other materials to ensure they aren't damaged and their packaging is intact.

After inspecting the goods, we transport them to your required location anywhere in the UK, ensuring they arrive in appropriate condition.