Building Material Storage Services

Building Material Storage Services Kent

Steward Transport is a leading building material storage provider in Kent, providing cost-effective storage solutions for clients throughout the UK. An accredited FORS Gold haulage company, we are committed to meeting the unique storage needs of each client.

While we specialise in nationwide brick and block haulage, we also store goods for many of our clients. Whether it’s leftover materials from a project or holding goods before construction, our building material storage service offers flexible solutions.

Located in Paddock Wood, Kent, our building material storage facility spans a massive five acres. This allows us to store massive volumes of materials for any period, providing our clients with cost-effective storage solutions.

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Full-Service Storage Solutions

Steward Transport is a haulage company with over 50 years of experience providing full-service building material storage services for customers nationwide.

We cover every aspect of your storage needs, transporting goods from suppliers and sites anywhere in the UK. Your construction materials are safely transported to our storage facility in Kent, where we keep them for the required period.

You can collect the building materials from our site in Kent or use our nationwide brick and block haulage service. Our clients may need building materials on short notice, so last-minute collection and haulage services are available.

Regional access is widely available to our building material storage facility in Kent, including London, Surrey, Essex, Berkshire, and Sussex. This makes collection quick and easy, while our brick and block haulage is also available for nationwide delivery.

We tailor building material storage services to each client's unique requirements. We are happy to store construction materials for as long as needed, whether it's ten days or ten years!

Experts in brick and block haulage, we are happy to transport and store any of the following materials in Kent:

  • UK and European Bricks
  • Turkish Bricks
  • Indian Stone
  • German Aircrete Bricks
  • Belgian Cladding System
  • Imported Weather Boarding

Unsure if our building material storage service is available for your construction goods? Contact Steward Transport today to learn more about our building material storage service in Kent.

Final Link Service

Our final link service is perfect for ensuring that your construction materials arrive in the appropriate condition from the supplier. When arranging for building material storage, our team inspects the goods upon arrival to ensure they are undamaged.

As part of our final link service, we also deliver the materials to your site anywhere in the UK when you are ready to receive them. We are happy to store your materials for as long as necessary before transporting them to your location.