Brick and Block Haulage London

Haulage Company London

Steward Transport is an established haulage company offering bespoke brick and block haulage services for clients throughout London and surrounding areas. We are also a leading provider of affordable building material services for tradespeople, construction companies, and property developers in London.

A FORS Gold accredited haulage company, we have offered first-class brick and block transport solutions for over 50 years. We go above and beyond to provide the best haulage services for clients in London and the wider UK.

Contact Steward Transport today for more information about our brick haulage and building material storage services in London.

Brick and Block Haulage London

We are a leading provider of cost-effective brick and block transport services for a wide range of clients in London. Equipped with a fleet of modern haulage vehicles, we offer flexible brick and block transport solutions to and from sites throughout London.

Our drivers deliver building goods of varying quantities, with bespoke haulage solutions catering to orders of all quantities. So, whether you require a few pallets of stone or 20,000 bricks, our haulage service offers flexible solutions tailored to your needs.

All drivers have comprehensive training and qualifications, ensuring the highest levels of brick and block haulage in London. Our driver certifications include Safe Urban Driving and DCPC, while our HIBS crane operators are ALLMI qualified.

HIBS cranes are included in each haulage vehicle, allowing us to easily unload your goods at any London site. As a result, you don't need to worry about spending time and resources manually unloading your goods.

With decades of brick and block transport experience, our team provide first-class haulage solutions for clients throughout London.

Building Material Storage London

Our building material storage service suits clients in London who require affordable storage solutions for their construction goods. We have a five-acre storage facility in Paddock Wood, Kent, that stores any volume of storage materials you require.

A short distance from London, our base offers flexible building material storage solutions for tradespeople and construction companies throughout London. We store goods for as long as our clients require, whether weeks, months, or years.

All building materials are always available for collection, with our facility easily accessible from London via the motorway. We also deliver your materials anywhere in London or the wider UK as part of our brick and block haulage service.

We store all building materials at our facility, including:

  • UK and European Bricks
  • Turkish Bricks
  • Indian Stone
  • German Aircrete Bricks
  • Belgian Cladding System

Final Link Service

Our haulage company in London also has a final link service available.

Arrange for your goods to arrive at our base in Kent, where we will check them to ensure they are undamaged with intact packaging. We then deliver the materials to London or anywhere in the UK as part of our brick haulage service.